APRIL 8 & 9



MORTIS Media: a multi-media experience focusing on horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, music and good ol' all American weirdness. Join William Wright, Stephen Semones, David Ward, and Shane Parkey as they record an episode LIVE. Come take part in the discussion- from horror to everything geek, MORTIS will cover your favorite topics and genres.

Steampunk VS Dieselpunk: A discussion of the differences and similarities in Steampunk and Dieselpunk as they have grown and evolved.

Q&A With Indie Comic Creators: Join RSRG Entertainment for his live podcast chatting with Indie comic creators about projects coming out and the journey from idea to print.

The Future of Harry Potter: Discussing Harry Potter debate topics as well as discussing and all of the new and upcoming Harry Potter movies and productions.

Cos-Positivity: Staying positive in cosplay. Promoting body positivity and encouraging a better you in cosplay.

Steampunk in the Media: How the steampunk genera has evolved and moved into many aspects of pop culture.

Steampunk Makers Panel: A discussion of costuming and accessory making in the Steampunk genre - featuring James Neathery of the GSN TV show Steampunk'd.


Kid's Space

There will be a room set aside for kid's activities staffed with professional childcare workers.  This is NOT a daycare, take time to enjoy the activities with your child. Open activities include coloring pages and small crafts. The Pokemon Scavenger Hunt will be throughout the entire convention space.

  • All times and panels are subject to change. We will do our best to update changes as they happen.


Panel Schedule

All panels are 50 minutes unless otherwise noted

Descriptions of all events below


Worbla Workshop: Build, paint, and take home a simple mask. Learn to build a worbla mask and the basic techniques of worbla crafting with Lara Cupcake and Nacho Llama Cosplay. All materials supplied.
Cost: $15 per participant.
Register: www.marblecitycomicon.com/tickets.html

Foam Workshop: Learn the basics of working with different foam materials and construction to advanced techniques to help improve your cosplay and prop skills. Design, make and detail foam bracers to take home. All materials supplied.
Cost: $15 per participant
Register: www.marblecitycomicon.com/tickets.html


Costume Contest: Come watch a parade of costumers show off their hard work on the stage. MC'ed by Bewitched Raven Cosplay.  To enter the costume contest see http://www.marblecitycomicon.com/contests.html.

Prejudging for the contest is required and will be from 12 to 2.

Iron Cosplay: Watch teams compete to make a costume using random materials. The teams will be introduced then move to a panel room for construction, but you are welcome to observe their progress. After an hour they'll bring their creations to the stage and a winner will be chosen. MC'ed by Bewitched Raven Cosplay.  To participate, see http://www.marblecitycomicon.com/contests.html.

Kid's Cosplay Contest: Knoxville's most adorable costumers will take to the stage.  Come cheer them on! MC'ed by Bewitched Raven Cosplay.  To enter your child in this contest, see http://www.marblecitycomicon.com/contests.html.

Anime Cosplay Contest: The best of Japanese art and pop culture will walk the stage in this contest . MC'ed by Von Vasser McClendon III. To enter the Anime Cosplay contest see http://www.marblecitycomicon.com/contests.html.



Con Conduct: How not to be a jerk a cons. Proper conduct and behavior at conventions.

Women Makers Panel:  Discussion and Q&A with a panel of ladies who make costumes, props and everything in between.

Artist Panel:  Q&A panel with comic artists Randy Green, Janet Lee, Mike Zeck, Hoyt Silva about the industry.

Amtguard: Knoxville's local Live Action Role Play group will discuss how to get involved in LARP and show basic techniques.

Q&A with Manu Bennett:  Hear Manu Bennett discuss his television and movie career. 

So You Want to Wear Armor: Panelists from the 501st, Mandolorian Mercs, and Halo's 405th will discuss armor building and how to get involved in the various armor communities.

Cosplay 101: Just getting into costuming? This is the panel for you! Learn how to research and begin making your very own cosplays.

Writers Panel:  Q&A with comic and independent writers about the industry and how to break into it.

Q&A with The Walking Dead Cast:  Chat with Jeremy Palko and Justin Kucsulain about their roles on the hit TV show and the future of the series.

Desperate Steampunk:  Steampunk costumes on a budget! Learn how to incorporate things you already own into amazing costumes.