SteamPunk Guest: SARAH HUNTER
Sarah is one of the most photographed and published Steampunk Models/Actresses/Cosplayers in the world. She has been in or on the cover of every steampunk fashion book printed in the last five years. Sarah is the first model to have a steampunk-themed cover and photo set published in a major mainstream magazine. She lectures on many topics including Victorian sexuality, Victorian crime, Gothic literature, Sherlock Holmes, and the History of Cocktails! Sarah has also been on a half a dozen Steampunk-Themed TV Shows and consulted for the Steampunk Episode of Castle with Nathan Fillion!

James is known for being a contestant on the Steampunk’d competition TV show. He is from Nashville, TN and along with his wife, Sarah, they own and Operate Starboard Sky Industries. Make sure and swing by their booth at Marble City Comicon! James makes amazing Steampunk Watches. He is a talented maker and is always willing to help others! James has been a guest Maker / Speaker at many conventions.

SteamPunk Guest: ROCKY SAWYER

SMaster prop Builder Rocky Sawyer will be joining us again for his second year! He will be present for our Maker's Panels. An avid Steampunk enthusiast from St. Augustine, FL, Rocky Sawyer has been appearing for around 8 years. His love of tinkering with metal, joined with a fascination of antiques and militaria make for a truly unique dynamic in his creations. Fusing that together with 36 years of historical reenacting, making, and displaying has the end results of award winning creations and personas. A couple of them are "The Friendly Mutton" and the notorious "Flying Scotsman". You don't want to miss seeing these personas in person! They are incredible when Rocky breathes life into them.

SteamPunk Guest: PAIGE GARDNER
Marble City Comicon is very excited to announce our first Steampunk Guest for 2016! Paige Gardner will be returning along with her amazing costumes! A surprise fact about Paige, She DOESN'T sew ANY of her costumes when she creates them! Paige will talk about this and many different tricks for costuming during our All Women's Maker Panel!

Stay Tuned!

We are bringing SteamPunk to the Marble City! RJ Foster is captaining our charge with

Makers' Panels, Activities,  SteamPunk displays, and top names in the Industry as guests. 


SteamPunk Guest: SARA NEATHERY
Sara is a Model, Maker, and Artist from Nashville, TN where she lives with her husband James Neathery and their two children. She came onto the Steampunk scene in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. With a background in modeling, theatre, and antique restoration Sara felt right at home in the creative genre that is Steampunk. She started out just making and modeling her own Steampunk outfits, but has since expanded her skill set to include jewelry making, leather working, and most notably building steampunk themed miniature sculptures. “There is something so magical about creating these delicate and intricate little worlds. Each tiny piece I create is made to captivate the mind and crawl into your imagination.” Make sure to swing by the Starboard Sky Industries Booth to see her creations!


A Husband and wife team from Blairsville, GA, together they Own and Operate Sleepy Hollow Enterprises.  Art worked for the Walt Disney Company as a Disney Imagineer for 10 years!  He has also done work for Michael Jackson on his Neverland Ranch.  Last year we were honored to have Art Debut his newest SteamPunk vehicle creation, the Calliope!  He is at presently working very hard to complete yet another TOP SECRET Vehicle creation and is trying to put the finishing touches on it in time do debut with us once again!  Wendi makes amazing Octopus inspired Clothing and accessories!  Her outfits are always beautiful and whimsical!  Make sure you get a chance to look closely at their displays!.

APRIL 8 & 9


Niki is a professional cosplayer and artist from Tallahassee, FL. She recently appeared on GSN;'s STEAMPUNK'D. Though she got her start designing and crafting dance costumes, she quickly expanded into fetish and cyberpunk costuming. Upon exposure to the steampunk aesthetic, it quickly took hold and infiltrated all aspects of her life. Presently attending FSU for her BFA degree, Lady Hawk graduated from Florida School of the Arts in 2002 with a AS in Studio Arts.

Marble City Comicon is proud to Welcome back Rebecca Grzybowski for her 2nd year as Steampunk Track Assistant Director. Rebecca has had a busy year helping Steps In Tyme Designs and also working on many of her own creations as well. She is a model and Cosplayer locally and on the convention circuit. If you have a question, or need to talk to RJ and he is occupied, Please Find Rebecca and she will be able to help you out!

Karianne aka Versidian is a very dedicated artist. It got her a spot on the reality TV show, "Steampunk'd" by being involved with many artistic mediums and especially her skills with leather. She's been a leather worker for 7 years and specializes in leather masks which has won her many awards and publishings. She came across Steampunk back in 2004 and has been obsessed ever since. She continues to attend as many shows, conventions, and festivals as much as possible to be a part of the community and teach classes on leather making. Her goal is to build her very own steampunk pirate ship tiny house. With this she can permanently travel making, learning, and teaching wherever she can.


Stephen is a mentor to many in the world of Steampunk. His creations are always artistic, functional, have an amazing back story and are just down right Awesome! Stephen is also an incredible Author as well! A very kind Gentleman and very willing to share information and his techniques! Stephen will also be doing demonstrations of Tea Pot Racing for us at Marble City as well! This is a chance to meet and learn from one of the best!

SteamPunk Guest: RJ FOSTER
Marble City Comicon would like to welcome back RJ Foster as our Steampunk Track Director. RJ has been all over the country promoting Steampunk as well as Marble City Comicon. He is most well known as Captain Nemo. RJ is again bringing a large collection of some of the best Steampunk has to offer! There will be some returning guests and some amazing new ones as well! Come check out the New and growing Steampunk Display Area this year!

SteamPunk Guests: MICHAEL & APRIL COBB

A husband and Wife team from Atlanta, GA. They are one of the classiest couples you will see in Stempunk. Their costuming usually compliments one another. Michael also is the Owner and Operator of Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium, a supply company for men’s classic grooming products. He speaks on the subject of classic shaving techniques and equipment at many conventions. He will have his booth joining us at Marble City as well! Please give a hearty Harumph and Huzzah to Michael and April!