We are excited that you chose to participate in Marble City Comicon this year. For many it is a return visit and for others, a first time. Welcome everyone!!
The following information will be helpful to you for setting up at the show, along with a few guidelines to help keep everything running smoothly.

Location, Show Hours, and Set-Up Times
Marble City Comicon will be held at the Sevierville Convention Center located at: 202 Gists Creek Road Sevierville, TN 37876

Load-in and set-up/breakdown times are as follows:
Friday, November 15th, 11:00 to 6:00 PM; Saturday, November 16th, 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM,
Sunday, November 17th, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Convention hours are:
Saturday, November 16th, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Sunday, November 17thth, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Upon arrival, check in at Will-Call where you will receive two (2) guest passes per table/booth
and be shown to your space.
Booth Power - Power is a $50 venue fee. Extra Tables may be rented on site for $20

Floor Placement
It is possible that the final layout could change due to unforseen events, so please see the staff person at Will-Call upon checking in for your final placement. Artist Alley Tables are designated with AA, otherwise you have booth placement.

Parking is Free and we have a back lot for vendors

We are a family-friendly environment. Exhibitors may NOT display graphic content of any kind.
We also do not allow pirated materials (videos, music, etc.) Vendors are to be respectful to the facility, staff and neiboring booths. Failure to comply with these rules may result in immediate removal from the convention with no refund.

Security will be provided for the convention floor after-hours, on Friday and Saturday night.

If Vendors / Artists have any questions, please text me for fastest response.  423-307-3848
Thank you
















Vendors & Artists

Must Complete Payment Above & Registration Below



-10' x 10' Booth with (1) 8' table and (2) Chairs, 8' high back wall 3' high side wall, Two (2) Exhibitor Passes per 10' x 10' booth, Listing in Con Program.


-10' x 10' Booth with (2) 8' tables and (2) Chairs, 8' high back wall 3' high side wall, Two (2) Exhibitor Passes per 10' x 10' booth, Listing in Con Program.

-(2) 10' x 10' Corner Booths with (4) 8' tables and (2) Chairs, 8' high back wall 3' high side wall, Two (4) Exhibitor Passes , Listing in Con Program


-One (1) 8' table and (2) chairs a 8' x 6' space, Two (2) Exhibitor Passes, Listing in Con Program


Tables - $20 *For Vendor Spaces Only

​Badges - $10 Limit 2









16 & 17


All exhibitors, podcasters, vendors, artists, and others to whom space is rented shall be hereby referred to as “exhibitors” and agree to the following terms. Terms may be adjusted at any time to reflect industry standards and practices.

Exhibitor Credentials
All Exhibitors must wear their convention badges at all times.

Hold Harmless
By agreeing to exhibit at Marble City Comicon, the exhibitor/artist agrees to protect, keep and save Marble City Comicon and any owner, employee, or volunteer of Marble City Comicon forever harmless from any damages, loss, theft, cost, liability, act of God, terrorism or expenses that arise from their exhibiting at the show. This agreement covers full lead in, set-up, run, tear down and exit from Marble City Comicon.

Copyright Protection
The sale of unlicensed merchandise (including DVD/Blu Ray/CD) is strictly prohibited at Marble City Comicon and all associated events. Exhibitors are responsible for the legality of the items they sell. If unlicensed merchandise is found, exhibitor will be given the opportunity to remove it from the grounds. Repeat offenders may be dismissed from the convention without refund.

Taxes and/or Licenses
Exhibitors are responsible for any and all required sales tax, income tax, insurance payments and/or license fees required by the state of Tennessee, Knox County and/or the city of Knoxville.

Force Majeure
Force Majeure relieves Marble City Comicon and any owner, employee, or volunteer (herein collectively known as MCC) from performing their contractual obligations when the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances beyond MCC’s control arise making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible without such intentional misconduct, including without limitation any act by any governmental authority, facility, act of war, natural disaster, strike, boycott, embargo, shortage, riot, lockout, labor dispute, failure of a supplier to deliver, and civil commotion. Notice of Force Majeure Event shall be given as soon as reasonably practicable specifying the nature.

Cancellation Policy
Any cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellation prior to 90 days of scheduled date will result in a refund of 50% of any monies paid, minus non-refundable deposits. A cancellation within 90 days of scheduled date and no refunds will be issued. We will gladly roll your booth space over to another event up to one year.  

No Show Policy
Exhibitors are expected to arrive and have their assigned space set up and manned for the duration of the show. Any booth vendor must complete their setup by 930AM on Saturday unless prior notice has been arranged. Exhibitors who do not arrive by the designated time and do not provide instruction to the staff of Marble City Comicon will be at risk of having their booth space reclaimed without refund.

Duration of Show
Unless prior arrangements have been made, and agreed to by a member of the Marble City Comicon staff, all exhibitors are expected to maintain their space for the entire duration of the show.

Right to Deny
Marble City Comicon reserves the right to deny any exhibitor access to any event if the show management feels that the participation by a group or individual will harm the event in any manner without refund. Marble City Comicon management will be the final arbiter in these cases.

Exhibitor Space
Exhibitors will limit their display to the rented space and will not alter the floor plan in any way. No exhibitor is allowed to have item(s) in the aisle(s) of the convention floor without prior written permission of the convention floor manager.

X-Rated Material

Marble City Comicon is a family-friendly, all age event. Exhibitor agrees to keep adult materials out of the view of minors. The exhibitor also agrees to require age verification from anyone attempting to see or purchase adult materials.